Universal solution

Zinc Plus

Zinc Plus is a unique solution that offers a protective coating on its underside to protect the zinc from possible corrosion due to the lack of ventilation.

Zinc Plus consists of rolled titanium zinc, which is protected on its underside by a 60 microns composite acrylate-urethane structure, polymerized by U.V. Zinc Plus conforms to the European EN 988 for high quality rolled titanium zinc.

It makes it possible to install on roof decking that is made of incompatible materials. It makes it possible to install in a "warm roof" application where the underside of the zinc and support are not ventilated. Zinc Plus can be bent, folded or profiled without any surface changes and thus allow the exact same methods of laying.


Note :
Zinc Plus is especially suitable for high temperature, humid area.



DELTA VMZINC breathable membrane



The DELTA VMZINC system consists of using VMZINC sheets on a neutral underlay. The DELTA membrane then acts as a separating layer over the incompatible support.


  • High density Polyethylene Membrane in a distinctive grey colour.
  • Thickness: 0.6 mm. with 8.6 mm studs.
  • Chemically and electrically neutral.
  • Resistant to mould and chemical agents.
  • Stabilised for thermal cycles and dimensionally stable between -30° C and 80° C.


  • Allows direct laying of zinc roofing on incompatible roof support.
  • Provides a breathing space for the underside of the zinc in order to allow the selfprotecting process of zinc to occur.
  • Provides a drainage surface for possible moisture infiltration under the roofing.
  • Provides a temporary weather-tight membrane for the roofing complex during the installation of the roofing material. Note : Ventilated membrane is not advised for high hygrometry climates.