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Isopli Cassette

Isopli Cassette is a patented ventilated cladding system using cassettes produced on a press brake from thick gauge zinc. These cassettes have a high standard of finish (folded angles, beautifully even surface). Installed vertically or horizontally, they can be removed during assembly or maintenance thanks to an ingenious notched fixing system. Each cassette can be mounted individually, for ease of installation.

Thickness 1.5 mm
Horizontal and vertical seams 6 to 20 mm

Cassette dimension (excluding seams)
  Height Length
Horizontal installation 250 to 850 mm 350 to 1750 mm
Vertical installation 250 to 2450 mm 350 to 750 mm

Key Advantages:
Technicité Beautifully flat zinc cassettes,
Technicité Horizontal or vertical installation,
Discrete Adjustable system,
Discrete Interchangeable cassettes.
  • Isopli Cassette is used on flat facades for all types of buildings, especially office buildings and collective housing, with or without external insulation.
  • Isopli Cassette is supplied with a range of components: framework, fixing and flashing accessories. The system is designed for masonry or concrete walls.

Prior to installation, the contractor must draw an accurate layout plan so as to establish the exact positioning of the frame elements, to quantify the cassettes needed (length, height and width of joints), and to list the frame components and flashing accessories. Special attention must be given to organising and scheduling the installation of the facade in order to define delivery batches with VMZINC.
Installation of the aluminium rails is prepared by marking (laser or tracing line) and must follow the cassette layout designed by the architect. The type and density of fixing brackets (not supplied) is pre-defined by a specific study. Brackets are attached fixed mechanically (rawl plugs) and allow vertical adjustment. Cramps slipped into the grooves of the rail and blocked with a nut are used for assembling rails and clips. Aluminium plates slipped into the grooves are used for alignment between rails (minimum space between two rails: 12 mm). Brackets are pre-positioned in the rails in the place selected for fixing cassettes. Cassettes are selected according to the layout diagram, removing film from the sides before fixing. Each cassette is hung on the pre-adjusted brackets, then adjusting vertical alignment and horizontal seams. The cassette is then tightly locked using the screw inside the rail with a 4 mm Allen key. The cassette is lowered horizontally so as to adjust the horizontal seam and position the lower brackets in the lowest notch (Allen key) of the cassette in order to ensure that the cassette cannot slip out. The protective film on the surface of the cassette is removed with a slow even movement, avoiding dirt, projections and scratches.
Accessories and maintenance
Isopli Cassette offers a range of accessories for main flashings:
- Perforated and non-perforated bottom flashing,
- Surrounds (windows, doors, etc.),
- Roof parapet flashings,
- Corner flashings. Isopli cassettes require no particular maintenance. Should they be damaged, cassettes may be easily replaced by simply unscrewing the screws locking the brackets for the cassette in question, removing it, and then installing the replacement cassette
Ventilation of the underside of cassettes must be ensured via an air space with a minimum gap of 2 cm situated between the insulation and the cassettes, or between the concrete elements of the building and the cassettes. The air space opening is made by perforating a profile either on the base trim or in an expansion joint, which creates a section for air flow with a minimum size of 65 cm² to 100 cm² per metre. When cassettes are installed above 18 m, horizontal compartmentation of the air space may be created by installing a divider ensuring minimum sections of incoming and outgoing air for the upper and lower air spaces. This requirement may be reinforced, depending on the nature of the building, by fire safety requirements.
Reinforced Isopli Cassette
For enhanced performance in rainscreen applications Isopli Cassette can be supplied complete with a honeycomb reinforcement. Please consult the manufacturer.

For more information, please contact VMZINC.

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