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Overlapping panels

What are Overlapping panels?

Overlapping panels are a rain screen system similar to the Interlocking panel system. Installed with a ventilated air space. Overlapping panel is fixed directly on a metal/wood framework. (Masonry or metal structure).


Surface aspects: Natural Zinc / QUARTZ-ZINC / ANTHRA-ZINC / PIGMENTO

Thickness 0.8 mm
Centre to centre distance 200 mm
Length 0.5 to 3 m

Key Advantages:
Discrete Aesthetics of traditional wood cladding,
Technicité Angled form,
Discrete Elegant appearance,
Simplicité de pose Simply connected by on interlocking fold,
Technicité Horizontal laying.
  • All vertical facades (90°).
  • In the case of buildings higher than 30 meters, please contact VMZINC.
  • Load bearing structure
    It can consist of:
    - Masonry or reinforced concrete wall,
    - Main steel framing.
  • Framework
    The substructure (not supplied) can be either galvanized steel or aluminium rail.

Specifications of the technique

  • The profiles are secured to the timber framework (a metal framework is also possible, please contact us) that is secured beforehand to vertical wooden battens with a maximum intermediate distance of 600 mm.
  • Due to the vertical timber framework, a continuous ventilated air space exists behind the zinc across the entire area of the facade.
  • Ventilation air inlets are also provided at the top and at the bottom of the facade.
  • An efficient rainscreen held in position on the vertical timbers by a piece of wood (50 mm wide and a minimum of 20 mm thick) that is secured in the same direction on the battens. The insulating panels must be firmly secured to their supporting structure so that the insulation panels cannot move and thus block off the ventilation.

Supporting structure
The overlapping panels are nailed in position on the battens. The battens (in red or white Norwegian pine) with a minimum width of 50 mm, must be installed vertically at a maximum distance of 600 mm from each other. The wood protecting products (e.g. fungicidal, insecticidal products) must not adversely affect the zinc in any way.


Fixing the panels
Only nail into position using a pneumatic nail gun (nailing by hand is prohibited) and ring sharked stainless-steel nails that have a minimum length of 32 mm and a flat head with a diameter of 7 mm (Paslode type or equivalent). A support is placed at each junction between a Overlapping panel 200 and a batten. The timber batten is secured to the battens by one nail every meter.

For more information, please contact VMZINC.

Download 2D details: