single lock standing seam

Single lock standing seam

What is Single lock standing seam system?

Single lock standing seam system is used for facade application. It has a taut and regular appearance. The procedure consists of welting the sheets to one another, along their entire length by single folding the panel's side upstands together.


This system is particularly suitable for very large cladding surfaces and for structures located in regions of harsh climate, which are often subject to snowfall (mountainous or continental climate), strong winds, and heavy rain.


Surface aspects: Natural Zinc / QUARTZ-ZINC / ANTHRA-ZINC / PIGMENTO

Thickness 0.7 mm / 0.8 mm
Maximum panel width (CTC)
center to center
430 mm
Height of finished seam 25 mm
Minimum pitch 60° - 90°
Maximum panel length 4 m
Coils width 500 mm maxi

Key Advantages
Economical Economical: The use of profiling and seaming machines for the closure of longitudinal seam joints significantly reduces installation time. This reduction makes for a more cost-effective solution, particularly when considering very large surface areas.
Discrete Discrete: The low height of the seams (25 mm) contributes to the agility and uniformity of the roof, whilst highlighting its architectural purpose. When dealing with more complex designs this system portrays a more technologically advanced appearance.

  • From 60 ° to 90 °.
  • Both renovations and new buildings.
  • Useable length : up to 4 m.
  • 2 types if installation: Vertically or Horizontally.

Stages to install Single Lock Standing Seam:

1 Lay the panel on ventilated galvanized steel structure.
2 Clips are fixed. Due to the theoretical thermal expansion two types of clips are used: fixed and sliding clips.
Vertical: A fixed area is created with 5 clips at the top of the panel and then sliding clips are distributed.
Horizontal: A fixed area is created with 5 clips in the middle of the panel and then sliding clips are distributed.
3 Single lock seam:
Crimp standing seams with manufacturer-approved tools so cleat, sheet metal roofing, and field-applied seam sealer are completely engaged.

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