VMZINC Rainwater systems

Pluviazinc - Rainwater system



A ready to glue rain water system made of preweathered VMZINC.


Delivered in special kits with gutters, concealed brackets, stop-ends, corners, running outlets, downpipes and selflocking pipebrackets.

Key advantages :

  • Sleeve Connection on pipes,
  • Good flow rates and discharge of water,
  • Self locking downpipe brackets,
  • Made of pre-weathered VMZINC,
  • Concealed brackets,
  • Fast & simple installation.
  1. Stop-end,
  2. Half round gutter,
  3. Concealed bracket,
  4. Internal corner,
  5. External corner,
  6. Hopper head,
  7. Sleeve connector,
  8. Rainwater diverter,
  9. Bend,
  10. Running outlet,
  11. Universal but-welded downpipe,
  12. Self locking pipe bracket.