AZENGAR, the new zinc by VMZINC


AZENGAR is the 1st engraved zinc, an exclusive new aspect. Its uneven surface gives zinc a new image.


AZENGAR is the most matte and lightest shade of zinc on the market. It stands out with its rugged uneven surface, which catches natural light and gives projects a timeless appearance. It is an original material, expressive and vibrant.

As with NATURAL ZINC, AZENGAR can naturally develop a protective patina that will darken the light grey characteristics of the zinc and lengthen the material’s lifespan.  

While weathering characteristics can vary with geographical conditions and installation practices, the zinc surface’s metamorphosis allows for vibrant and remarkable results different than other types of zinc products.

All AZENGAR materials are delivered with a removable protective film to minimize fingerprints, scratches, and contamination.

Area of use

  • All types of buildings
  • All forms of roof, with slopes ≥ 5%
  • All types of cladding
  • All types of environments