Top performing alloy

  • Composition of alloy
    Our rolled zinc is alloyed with copper and titanium to produce a material with optimum mechanical and physical characteristics for building applications, particularly with regard to mechanical resistance and creep resistance.

    It is composed of very high quality zinc Z1 (99,995% pure zinc), as defined by the EN 1179 standard, to which titanium and copper are added. Copper increases the mechanical resistance of the alloy, making it harder and stronger.
    Titanium increases creep resistance permitting greater thermal expansion and contraction, of the material without causing metal fatigue.
  • EN988 norm
    The European Standard EN 988 has been applied since 1997 in 18 European countries. This standard imposes very stringent specifications for the composition of rolled zinc and its physical, mechanical and dimensional characteristics, which make it an international reference.
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Physical properties of titanium zinc by VMZINC
Density 7.2 kg/dm³
Thermal expansion coefficient (parallel to the rolling direction) 0.022 mm/m/°C
Melting point 420°C
Recrystallization point 300°C
Heat conductivity 110 W/(m.K)
Electrical conductivity 17 MS/m
Danger of sparking Non-sparking
Magnetic properties Diamagnetic